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Stained glass has been called “jewelry for the home”.  It is art that will last a lifetime.  It allows the natural light to shine through and can be designed using glass that will provide lots of privacy, yet still allow lots of light.

I have been doing custom stained and leaded glass since 2001 and invite you to view my gallery to see some of the work that has been completed in collaboration with my clients. My windows are designed to fit in your window, so there is no need to remove your old window. I design around the current construction and simply fit the window to your space.

You can even add a stained glass piece in your garden to make it truly unique and something everyone will be sure to notice.

In addition to two dimensional glass pieces, I enjoy creating work that is three dimensional, such as vases and bowls. And I particularly enjoy creating work that is a bit unusual, such as my “two and a half dimensional pieces”. These pieces, such as the one entitled “Tranquility- East Meets West” under the windows heading,  utilize other materials than glass, such as copper wire, which allows me to bring some of the glass “off the page”.

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