Stained Glass Design Services

Cost of stained glass is quite variable and is dependent on the types of glass chosen, complexity and the number of pieces that are required. My prices are considerably lower than the stained glass studios.

My consulting services are free of charge. I will work with you on the design until we are both completely satisfied. Once the design is complete, I have a large sample kit that I bring to your home with over 300 samples of Spectrum Glass, one of the leading glass manufacturers, so you can actually see what glass colors and textures will look like in your home and how they will work with your personal taste and décor. I can also acquire glass from other manufacturers for any specialty designs. Each client works directly with me and I complete all of the work myself.

Installation is also free and I will discuss with the client the best method for installation, which is often dependant on the construction materials with which we are working.

My work is a collaborative effort. As a result, I am proud to say, I have never had a dissatisfied client.

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