About the Artist: Pete DeFao

I was born in Philadelphia and lived there and New Jersey until 2001, when I moved to California after retiring from a major oil company.  I spent my entire working career in the field of industrial hygiene, a subset of occupational medicine. However, I had never stopped pursuing my love of art. I have had that love of art since a child. Over the years I have worked with various mediums to express my art including painting (oil, acrylic, pastels, etc.), drawing, sculpting and pottery. Over the years I’ve taken courses in art in college and at several art studios. One of my most exciting art learning experiences was at the Art Student’s League in New York City. But once I learned stained glass, I found a medium that I have been able to truly immerse myself in.

I learned stained glass under the tutelage of Peter Dunk, at Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. Of course, learning how to put a stained glass piece together is only one piece of the puzzle. I think my studies and experience in many art forms, coupled with my knowledge of the stained glass process is why I can call myself a stained glass artist.

Since so much of my work is on commission, I feel very strongly about the work being a collaborative effort. My clients work very closely with me on the design and choice of glass so that when a stained or leaded glass piece is completed, I always feel it is “ours” not mine. Of course, I am always glad to advise about how something will look not only because of my experience with so much of the glass but also because of my history with art.

I have completed over 65 commissions with work in the Bay Area, Southern California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and South Carolina.

Current member of Alamo Danville Artist Society www.adas4art.org and the Livermore Art Association www.livermoreartassociation.org/

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